I Had a Bad Day – 8/11/22

Hello there. I hope everyone is doing well!

I had a bad day on 8/11/22. It was unexpected, but I learned way more than what I knew was happening. We will have bad days, but it’s how you respond that make will make or break you. It doesn’t have to break you – that’s the point. You need to need to have courage and be fair minded.

The truth came out and it’s clear to me. I know the truth and it’s time for me to leave the situation. The view of seeing things as not being important or of value. The cover up for each other and at times and effort to make me look bad to my clients. I have to balance the emotions and not succumb to their trickster ways. I knew something was brewing and attempted to separate myself, but it couldn’t be avoided any longer. They thrive on gossip and wasteful energy. Both persons weren’t forthcoming or honest and didn’t have any interest in supporting me and tried to throw any possible obstacle toward me while I’ve been focusing on working hard. The fire in me is burning hot because of the attempts from those two people who tried to see me fail. In the process of helping her I got burned. I need to reset.

It happened once to me – shame on her, it happened twice – shame on me. I’m no longer going to trust or support people that tricked me. It’s over. I spoke up for myself and am patient to what’s coming in new. My patience is present. I am disciplined and focused on to the next endeavor. I’m working on my passion that helps me release all the negative energy. In the end I got good news to what seemed to me like the most awful day. All the best! It will be over soon.

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