Dealing With Difficult People – Small Stuff @ Work _ Series – 8/7/22

You have to accept the fact that you will deal with difficult people. I don’t understand what I did, but I do though know it’s their issue, not ours. I see it now and I’m dealing with it, gracefully. It’s nothing new, but I see that person attempting to push my buttons again.

There is no secret solution and no real solution, but don’t drag yourself into or stoop low to their negativity. Don’t become them. Know they generally are not happy in some shape, way or form. This is a regular state of mind for them and set in their way. There is nothing you or I can do to change it. They lack something. Don’t ever take anything personal. They are very passive-aggressive, not my type of person of course. It feels awful and people lose their positive perspective of themselves if you entertain that difficult person. Don’t contribute to it and let it go.

Recently, I asked about a task I had no clue how to proceed, including asking for guidance. For two months I never received a response of a solution only to keep emailing the same people. I finally thought to include an important person to the email conversation. I got my questions answered and was able to proceed accordingly in less than fifteen minutes. I was able to complete the task. The difficult person reacted childish stomping away unhappy in front of me. The next day the difficult person held on to processing a few tasks that required quick attention. I ignored the attitude. Ultimately, I did get responses because these tasks do not affect me directly, but others. I learned from the situation of waking up refreshed and letting go of the old and negative vibe. Apparently, this difficult person doesn’t know how to handle anything. Be happy – be graceful. All the best!

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