On A Personal Note – After Much Thought I Let GO – 8/1/22

I was triggered, but I choose peace – a lesson well learned. If you think it knocked me down instead, I took control and I refuse to be disrespected. There will be reaction from me, but at my own time. Be fearful because you cannot face the truth, the facts. I am blessed. My blessing is my intuition, physical and mental self. I am no fool – it was a wakeup call to teach me who you really are.

I’m still standing strong, are you? Their scarcity mindset will be their downfall. It will turn on them and they won’t see it coming. I have stepped into my power, the emotional part of me has left me. I have mental clarity; my next harvest is my creative projects and abundance. I am not stuck. Your mentality will end up breaking you.

The tactic no longer works. I figured you out. I caught on to your pattern and breaking it. I know how to re-build and persevere and way ahead of you because I have faith, determination and I am happiness. I have put up the boundary, moved on, I am protected and understand the darkness you carry. I went through this trigger for a reason, and I step out with faith and power. My ability to create more is my power. I am not in debt; I don’t owe anyone anything. My empathy has ended, and I am in a no B/S energy. My wisdom and innocence trigger my success.

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