Setting A Standard – Small Stuff @ work _ Series – 7/31/22

Hope everyone is doing well!

Years ago, I began to determine what I accept and won’t. Understand that not one job comes free of challenges and people’s attitudes and behavior. It’s how you respond or react that you set a standard to who you are going to be at work.

if you notice it’s mostly the small stuff that we pay attention to at work. When you like what you do no one can stop you from being happy. When you are happy you motivate yourself, have self-satisfaction – people see and feel it. At times it causes a chain reaction and people jump on the bandwagon. Of course, you have those that choose to continue and sit in their misery. It cannot be your problem. Happy people attract others and it’s easier to be around and work with. Imagine all the work and creativity that can happen. Even when you become friends, you look forward to going to work too. I see that as an incentive. Unhappy people will always see it’s someone else’s fault. Stay away, let it go. We’re all adults, they should deal with their own problems. Face challenges head-on with wisdom and resiliency. Your time and effort will not go un-noticed if you work for people that share your work ethic. Train your brain to be happy. All the best!

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