The Flow is Lost, Comparing and Competing – 7/16/22

Hello there, I hope all is well.

I thought to write about this topic. It happens all the time, including to me, first-hand experience. Once you are hired and the excitement of you coming on board disappears the real work begins to happen. You begin to notice and sense confusion. The goal is lost, and they begin to ignore what you bring to the team and the reason why you were hired in the first place.

You treat others well, you’re happy to share your skillset and learn with others. You bring hope and stability because there is now less burden on the others. Then the jealousy starts kicking into high gear, people won’t talk to you, you’re confused by the response when you ask a question. They forget the change you bring to the organization. They begin to try and make you look bad instead of you what you contribute being on the same team.

Instead of feeling inspired they compete with you. The teamwork no longer exists, and the competition begins. The comparison is bad energy and there shouldn’t be any – not everyone shares the same knowledge and experience.

This is what pushes you to begin creating your own – it happens from fear and desperation of situations. The flow is lost, and it forces you to leave the job and the environment. I DID LEAVE, I DID CREATE, OUT OF DESPERATION I BEGAN TO BLOG!

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