Make Your Past Proud of Yourself – 7/15/22

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

If you have read other blogs of mine, I have written about my workforce experiences and challenges. Journaling has brought a lot of relief and the death of the old and a rebirth by empowering myself with new thoughts.

I have stepped out of my comfort zone, or I would have remained stuck. Stuck in the terms of I would not be able to move on with the hurt, pain and negative vibes from the comments and energies around me. I have seen a lot of good pass me by for years.

I began to rely on my intuition and saw the people that I thought were my friends really were not. I was giving it all away to everyone and was not receiving anything in return. I silently worked on myself, inspired myself to begin blogging about my experiences, cutting through the and letting go of all the unnecessary and counting the blessings that I do have. I am using my energy to create, inspire and share. I am being my own kind of beautiful.

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