For Those Working Alone – 7/3/22

For so many years I worked alone and was alone. But it wasn’t wasted. I am glad I was thrown aside and ignored because I saw the truth and the reality of who they were – who cheered for me and who was fake. I had a former co-worker who just ghosted me all of a sudden and have not heard from her since May 2022. I don’t even know why she stopped talking to me, but it became clear to me that instead of being happy for me she was only disliking me.

All this time I was alone I had the time to find peace. This is abundance to me. I accepted joy and happiness back in my life. I continued working on myself meditating and taking long walks, resting. I’m over it! I have a bright future. Bless my ancestors. I hear you now. All the stress, thoughts and pains are not my destiny. Motivation and raising my vibrations, the affirmations helped to put me back together. I know how to self-care, work through others negativity and my own doubts. I am slowly comforting myself, I am safe, and my confidence boosted. My new start has also played a big role. The universe has brought the right people to my life. I took huge risk and it paid off. Spiritually supported. Meditation and the love of family. Meditate! Count your blessings. I’m loving my energy now. My PASSIONS is my POWER!

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