Creating a Superboss! – 7/6/22

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well!

Everyone has a different perspective of what a leader is. I’ve read plenty of books on the topic. Over and over, I hear the difference between a leader and a manager. Yes, I get that a leader has flexibility and will challenge you, be creative and trust employees. A manager I interpret more of a workflow, there is no room for creativity and mostly structured. It works for some, but what if there was a SuperBoss?! I came across a great book SUPERBOSSES, “How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent.” Whoa!!

This book is exceptional. It explains patterns of leaders and taking their employees, providing them with a hands-on work experience. Superbosses create protegees that mimic their excellent leadership and managerial styles and allow us to reach our best heights. They teach and let us in on what they see, feel and hear. They have an eye for talent and train their best to win at all costs. The motivation is to create exceptional people to do the impossible. People will flock to work for a person of this magnitude because Superbosses guarantee success. When you begin to notice people succeed and repeatedly, hear that same name whom you worked for, who doesn’t want to be that next superstar? Superbosses are memorable because they wish you the best and see you carry their traits and personality as you set out and take the risk to be successful.

This is a great read written by Sydney Finkelstein and I give credit to Mr. Finkelstein for the skillset I’ve mastered. His guidance and empowering stories and messages are inspirational.

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