I Withdrew as a Candidate for an Open Position – 7/3/22

I withdrew as a candidate for an open position in a non-profit group almost two years. The position I recall was not for me after what took place. I didn’t see it clearly, but the signs I was getting, my gut instinct told me it wasn’t right, and it wasn’t.

I interviewed with the Human Resource person, and I felt okay with the interview. Both parties seemed content and I was happy that we were able to establish some sort of relationship. I felt confident that I would get a call back for the next step. The non-profit set a good tone. I was asked about the salary expectation because it was a bit high, I was advised that the salary was non-negotiable. I didn’t think it was a high difference, so I mentioned it was okay. It would not make a big impact in my household. I was thinking with my heart. I was interested in the position.

When I asked about the amount of work, it triggered me to think the only reason why this position is open because it is a lot of work. She kept going on and on and I welcomed the conversation because I realized it was a lot of work but working hard is nothing new to me. I gave the conversation the benefit of a doubt.

I didn’t hear anything back for almost three (3) days and all of a sudden, I got an email, not even a call. I happen to look at my email at about 3pm and I was told I would have an interview with the person I report to the next day at 10am and with the VP that same day or morning due to their work schedule they couldn’t be available any other time. They seemed in a rush. I began to realize that something was not right. I went to a website to look at reviews and they were not quite what I thought. The benefits paid out of pocket for insurance were high, especially for a family. Next, the salary versus the workload wasn’t balanced already. Then, the commute would be far and gas prices are on the rise. It became evident to me that this was not the right position for me. I respectfully declined the from being considered.

When any organization is not willing to invest in the people, they hire it’s really not an incentive to treat clients the same. You can’t expect that quality people to apply or accept an offer when the incentive vs. work is not balanced. I didn’t feel comfortable and was not appropriate to me including the time allotted to prepare for an interview. I see interviews as an opportunity to sell my skillset and the organization to offer in return for my work and effort. This was my personal experience and what I will and won’t accept. All the best!

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