I Know My Power Now! – 7/2/22

Starting Over was the best thing I did for myself. I was rejected and I thank those past co-workers that did reject me because it didn’t kill me. I thank them because it forced me to move forward, and I went to better pastures. “The grass IS greener on the other side.”

The pain and hurt – was not appreciated for my work, for so many years I worked alone with no support. I saw others excel doing nothing. I am skilled, working hard and overwhelmed. I was advanced but wasn’t paid for it. I was passed up for promotions, pushed back and isolated for speaking the truth. There were attempts to control. I trusted them and put in 100% effort with my tasks. They used me and worked against me, oppressed me.

I finally broke the cycle and made peace, accepted the situations that happened. It does not do me any good to hang on to the emotions and negativity. I no longer was willing to accept them treating me like I wasn’t good enough. The only way to get back the mental stability was to leave. It was the best decision I made.

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