A Helping Hand – 6/27/22

Scrolling through my LinkedIn account I came across Hana’s name, and I thought to reach out to her and say HI! I liked her and was happy she’d work for me, and her work ethic was serene unlike mine, but I had to work vigorously due to the number of responsibilities I dealt with. She wasn’t happy in the current job.

She had a lot of work and very little pay. She sound overwhelmed and had asked for a raise and it had been two years since she asked. The employer was making excuses, but more work came. I made suggestions and I asked her for her resume and reviewed it. I recalled a few tasks that I had given her that would boost her resume. She clearly understood my instruction and did well. Although she might not have had much experience, I knew her work ethic. She even went back to school to earn a master’s degree and still no luck with the raise. If given the opportunity she would catch on and do great. She asked me for a reference, and I gladly agreed. Shortly after our chat and review of resume I got a call for a reference from an employer and gave her a great review. She only needed a boost to get on the right path. She got the job.

Allowing someone else to review your resume can help guide you to open doors and a confidence boost too. You have to know when it’s time to begin looking for another job. In this case I saw the writing on the wall for Hana and I knew she needed a helping hand. She’s amazing and if I had an open position for her, I would’ve hired her on the spot.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

-Nelson Mandela

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