I Learned Not to Give Up – 6/29/22

The strength and perseverance I learned from the educator that didn’t give up on me and others as well. In the 5th grade I discovered that there were good people that wanted to give to me, to reward me for good behavior and that I was acknowledged for my performance in class.

My teacher would try so hard to motivate us, incentivize us, was very hands-on to show us to be good citizens. Even faced my father – how awful he was to keep me stuck, told my father that I deserved to be rewarded for my hard work in the classroom. His expression and agonizing tone of not giving up because he knew that I was worth the effort. I learned to not give up that school year with the advice and observing. I was awarded a citizenship certificate for the school year and the teacher did tell me I was going to do great things.

I also won the Spelling Bee for the school that year too and I went to city finals and the first time I stood in front of a public, but the panic and pressure from the internal and external living environment didn’t allow for me to compete fairly. Hence, I faced challenges very early on. Even then I faced those head-on. I grew up and became a little wiser that year. I’m proud of the little girl then and now.

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