Gratitude – 6/26/2022

For the past few weeks, I have been reading and coming across the word “GRATITUDE”. I type the word in all caps because I got the hint. I got the instinct to write about it. Lately, things have been going in my favor and we have to be reminded that if you look at others, not everyone is as lucky.

Things I am Grateful for in no specific order:

  • My almighty God that has given me the strength to move forward through the good and the challenges
  • Serve others even if it’s in a small way
  • The family I have – through our own battles we have been able to overcome most of it
  • Been able to maintain a job
  • Been able to contribute and provide for my family
  • My health

For those struggling keep the faith. I have been through some tough situations. It took me a long time to figure out that I needed to work on myself and recognize the emotion – grateful. It’s making an effort at changing and allowing to see the good in the bad. Your thoughts are powerful and only you can choose to be in that emotion. I live my life with grace, and I choose GRATITUDE!

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