Interview Ideas- Answered – 6/19/22

Hello there, I hope everyone is doing well!

This is an update on a previous post about how to answer the most common interview questions that have been asked during interview I have had and people I have interviewed as well. My responses are much longer because I offer a bit more of information, but as you already know, keep it short, to the point and provide examples – even if it’s only one be sure that it’s in detail. All the best.

  • Have you made an error and if you have, how would you correct it: I have definitely made errors, we’re human and errors are common. It’s the approach you take to resolve. We should embrace solutions, the error already exists so I rather take the time to research and resolve rather than answer who, what, when where and why? In my industry mostly everything can be corrected. “GO STRAIGHT INTO YOUR EXAMPLE” (I like to do an intro because it gives the interviewer an idea of the attitude you take and the priority you give it.)
  • Scenario: I like to ask this scenario question and it’s also been asked to me. I like to use it as a customer service question as well. If you have thirty (30) minutes left near the end of your day. 1) Your phone is ringing 2) You have a report to update (10minutes) 3) You have someone in front of you to ask a question 4) You have an important email to send out and it has to go out before you leave, you need to do spell check and grammar check it. What steps would you take? Be sure you explain why you would put them in the particular order. Response: Let the phone go to voicemail as the person in front of you is important and answer the question, update your report and send your email out so that you have time to check and double-check with no rush. ***I used a simple one***
  • What steps do you take to complete a task/job? (Example of a Journal Entry): Explain what, when, where why reason for the entry. 1. Run a financial transaction report 2. Highlight the adjustment/correction 3. Show the initial entry in error 4. Email of approval for the entry 5. Descriptive explanation for the entry 6. Submit for approval
  • What does a regular day look like? EX: Most of the time I don’t have a regular day. But I do begin with my task list of what I need to do that day including meetings. Of course, I have people pop in to ask questions and will be included in meetings that need input. I have tasks with deadlines like completing my credit card report, financial reports, purchasing, review and research. A report due at the end of the month and its now mid-month, leaves room for those unexpected situations and adjust my deadlines accordingly. You should not wait to start a report a week before the end of the month to avoid any errors. I chip away at it. I’m able to take care of items that are short-term, but also block out a time to work on the complex.
  • Tell us about yourself: focus 2 minutes on each personal achievement, 4 minutes professional and 1 minute summarize or re-iterate the main things that will be attractive to the interviewer
  • If a co-worker was to be asked about you, what would they say? Focus on your skillset, what have you done to support and what you bring to the new group.

If anyone needs any suggestions particular to your situation, please ask and I hope this has helped. Keep it interesting, ignore what strikes you as odd. Some may ask questions that are outrageous. If they are inappropriate, you have the right to stop and not continue. I have been there too. Follow your gut instinct to make a decision. If it didn’t feel right, this might not be the job for you. All the Best!

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