Job Offer – Counteroffer Tips – 6/18/22

I hope everyone is doing well!

A little over a year ago I had a former co-worker call and ask for my input on a counteroffer. This was the second time she called to ask.

The first time I recall saying something like, “What is the worst they can say is no? Just do it.” Don’t go too high because they might rescind their offer. It worked. She was so happy that she moved on as soon as she could. This was my first experience with counteroffers. I just said what I thought was reasonable. Then, a second call came in and she once again asked my input on whether she would counteroffer. Well, this time I mentioned to not only counteroffer reasonably, but be sure to include additional training, technology, implementing, organizing and preparation experience that you already acquired to support even saving them costs and not require training. The skillset was valuable and put her in a good spot for the counteroffer. Another tip, any work not included on your resume can also be brought up at this time that adds value to your counteroffer.

Not only did this work for the former co-worker, but also for a young lady who was struggling to find a job. Her college course work also served as work including volunteer because although it’s unpaid, it was work completed and related to the job. I recall creating a Business Plan in college as part of the semester project that I brought up in an interview as part of a question related to creating budgets. Great things can happen when you use your resources!

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