If I Knew This Then… – About College – 6/18/22

Hello there, I hope you are all doing well!

I thought to write about my college experience because although we all will go through different experiences in life and college is not for everyone, we have options now! For me college was inspiring and allowed me to look at things and situations in the workplace different. What occurred in the classroom didn’t happen at work. The lecture in the classroom each day was completely the opposite of the workplace. But it did allow me to make the best choices in how I respond to difficult situations. College opened the doors and my eyes to a whole different world. I worked full-time during my college tenure too. I had no other choice.

I am the only one of my siblings that went to college and completed. You don’t need exceptional grades. I was a straight A student in high school and after my first semester in college I wanted to quit. You don’t need a doctorate degree to excel, this is a choice. Your time and effort are critical. You don’t have to attend an elite school or be in debt to get a good education. I did not attend a top-ranking school, but the education I received was beneficial. I was required to take a particular course that helped me to develop personally and bring out the best in me. The course gave me hope. That College Success course was instrumental taking good notes and build my first essay. College taught me to wake up each day and try again. I am not textbook smart – I do have common sense. I was not a good listener, but I continue to work at it. I am a great visual learner and have exceptional memory. College allowed me to see how I was going to succeed understanding myself first. Those elaborate stories from the history professor that kept me interested to the real-life examples from the co-teacher working in the industry were incredible examples I was able to relate to and shift my focus on sharing my knowledge with those that need it instead of using my energy on something I didn’t have control of. I didn’t get to enjoy any extracurricular activities offered because I had to work full time to pay my own way.

The environment I grew up in and the high school I attended did not prepare me for college. The passion and interest your professor took in each student and their ability to see a student is having a difficulty with the material or personal makes an impact. I was lucky to have some really great professors that gave me opportunities to produce quality work. I was shy and particular courses forced me to challenge myself and got to say what I was thinking about that topic. I learned to study, collaborate with others and build some relationships. I chose not to get close to most of my fellow classmates, but that’s on me I wish I did. I was forced to be an adult so early on I didn’t know how to relate to my peers as a young person. I felt I didn’t have anything in common, but if I got close or allowed them close, I would’ve been able to know to find out.

I do recommend enjoying your time in college because your adult life will start on your first day of college. I share my experience and talk to young adults I meet. Never say that you won’t succeed at something unless you have tried. Your future is bright!

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