Failure or Mistake – Our Thoughts – 6/17/22

I hope everyone is doing well!

Today I read the post of a blogger on the topic of failure. It’s interesting because I just had a conversation with my brother about this topic in failure vs. mistake :). So, I thought it would be a good idea to share our thoughts.

If we hit “rock bottom” or something didn’t give us the result, we expected – we have a choice to stay there or pick ourselves back up because that’s the only way to go. It takes working on yourself each day to maintain your mental and physical stability. When after you have been provided support and/or you have done everything you can to be in a good spot then you once again get the same result, I see it as failure. It takes one to admit it and keep working at it to make changes along the way to get a better result. If you continue to do the same thing and expecting a different outcome you are setting yourself up for failure. What you put out is what you get in return. Take it as it might resonate for you.

(For example, as I began to date, and those relationships didn’t go anywhere, I wanted to date exclusively. Those men were different but had the same habits and I saw the red flags, but I ignored them. I began to change the spots I hung out in the past. I began to attend different events, groups, tone down the fast, single life. I stopped looking at only the physical aspect of a man. Things started to change, and I was able to find a person that wanted the same type of relationship.)

On the other hand, my brother feels it’s a mistake. Something you attempted to do in the same way mentally or physically, you did it the wrong way and learned a lesson from it. There is no failure to a mistake. You can’t be a failure at something that you attempted to doing. His point of view is if you set a goal (example), but never made the attempt toward that goal, that’s failure. He explains that it’s harsh punishment to oneself when you think of it as failure when you attempted at something, did your best and you didn’t achieve it or gave you the expected result.

In essence, my brother and I agree that these are challenges posed to us so that we learn and grow from them. That take-a-away will go with us into our next phase/path and apply our wisdom and react with a different perspective. We all have different feelings and our own point of view. We certainly don’t want to go through the same situations again. My siblings and I have experienced a lot of bad, been through so much and saw things, but we certainly are not experts either. It depends on each individuals’ experiences. You are not defined by where you came from, but it’s the choices you make in your own best interest that define your future. That is really not either failure or mistake.

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