Things Are Meant to Be – No Need to Chase Them 6/13/22

Things are meant to be… You don’t have to chase, follow or repeat things – things will come with ease. Things that are meant for you won’t pass you by. I always tried to please people to belong – both personal and in the professional life. I always tried to be liked.

I never felt like anyone liked me and I went out of my way to make people happy and overwhelmed myself with work and volunteered in addition and it didn’t work for me. I thought to step out and be super nice to show who I really was, and it was to be happy and liked. How wrong was I! I was met with lying, cheating and stealing. My energy was being drained, zapped at times and didn’t get anything in return. I might not be completely clear with it all, but I certainly no know which energies to stay away from and what to look out for. I am certainly letting go with ease. I am meditating and releasing all the negativity.

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