Interview Ideas – 6/16/22

Me!? I was recently asked for my input on hiring someone. I couldn’t believe it. In my mind I was thought about whether they had the right person. I have been on both ends as an interviewee and sat in hiring committees, but only had the final decision maybe a couple times. I understand now how important my professional experience has been. Previously, I felt like just a body they needed. My opinion really matters now.

So, on this blog I thought to talk about some key points on how to interview because it worked for me and what has been consistently asked during interviews. And I’ve had plenty of them.

  • Do answer with real examples of the work you have completed to answer the question. It gives a clear picture of what you have done and answers the question.
  • Be ready to answer scenario questions about how organized you are and what does a regular day look like for you.
  • Describe the steps of a job or task
  • What makes you the best candidate for the position
  • Tell us about yourself – Keep it short and sweet. Hit the high points of the listed tasks in their job description. You already know what you do in your job. Focus on their posted jobs and ask at the beginning of the interview what are the major tasks they would like this person to do once they give a brief description of what the job is looking for. Make it less than 7 minutes
  • If they were to ask a co-worker about you, what would they say.

I hope this helps because in my career these are the most frequent questions asked. I’ll blog about how I have answered these on the next post. Good Luck!

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