My Purpose – Integrity – 6/8/2022

I appreciate the compliments that come my way. I accept them and I am happy that I am where I am now. I am seeing my purpose from my spot. People want to be able to trust someone. That someone that has integrity. People see me and how I work and who I am – the place I come from. I am not overly ambitious. We see each other and appreciate the investment we make to our jobs, energy and time to produce quality work.

One day I will have my dream position that I am happy in and is my dream job. It may that I start my own business or continue to stay in the same field. I have a lot to think about – reassess – where I want to go and where I want to be. Things haven’t always worked out in my favor, but I now know why. The lessons learned have carried me through to the storm and work with integrity – has kept me strong and persevered. This month has been slower, unlike May 2022. I am able to breathe a little before the next storm arrives…

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