Happiness! – 6/6/2022 – 666

I am increasing my happiness, clearing any bad energy to ensure my happiness. I’m not reacting to betrayal, unfairness. I am getting older and this deceit that occurred recently with people keeping information from me, were short with me and just don’t really want me around I know who they are. It’s getting old and now I’m changing the way I respond. I’m ready and I can clearly see the signs when it’s heading my way.

Soon my positivity and vibrant energy will grow more and more. I will know how to dodge those negative feelings. I’m wiser and a warrior of my own inner feelings. I will know how to move on and trust myself, my work, have confidence and will do well. This hurt and flashbacks have aged themselves out of me.

I have learned to grow and let go of what doesn’t serve my soul and well being. I did everything I could for them. I’m done being nice and going out of my way.

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