Reliving the Year 2013 – 25 Job Applications & No Call Back – 6/4/2022

I was recently reminded of the 25 job applications I submitted in one year. A young lady asked for my advice on why she wasn’t getting a call back when she had applied to a number of jobs. She was clearly frustrated because she was not getting any results. She wasn’t sure if she needed to call them and do a follow up. She’s a bright young lady and eager to start working after college and it reminded me of me.

In 2013 I submitted twenty-five applications for a financial analyst with mostly financial firms and didn’t understand why I never even got a call. In general, to even get a call you have to sell yourself on your resume and you have to remember that you are competing with a high number of applicants that might have much better qualifications than you. You look at the job description and your resume pretty much has to respond and align with the job description. The college degree mattered at the time. I graduated from a university that was not top ranking. So the college you attended was highly important and firms were looking at that and your GPA. If you scored an internship with them, you were in already – if they liked you. I was an accountant by profession, didn’t do an internship and received a degree in finance. My resume looked like I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I understood this long after, but it hurt because I didn’t understand why.

Now, going back to this young lady…As I spoke to her about my experience – consistency became the magic word. I spoke to her about getting her foot in the door and making her mark. What is it that you want to do? She did do an internship. Whether paid or not it’s still considered work and I advised her to stick with what she can wake up to each day and be ready and willing to work at. We went through her resume; she attended a top-ranking school (UT-Austin). She already was doing the right things and had some work experience. Today, the job market is wide open. School and GPA doesn’t matter. Your work experience should be at the top of resume if you have work experience. Glad she took my advice and has since accepted a great job with great benefits and it is related to the internship work, she did prior. She’s on the right path. I’m so happy that we were able to turn her frustration to starting a career. All the best to her.

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