The Day Off – Wasn’t Really A Day Off – 6/1/2022

I don’t know how to shake off what occurred today. Today is my day off and I needed disconnect, get away from work, to decompress from the month of May 2022. It was hard work, lots of it, complex and inefficient workflow to top it off. This department I support needs an overhaul. The people I support refuse to do their due diligence. I have been nice and provide support wherever I can, but they take it as, “well she can do it for me.” That’s the case for one person. There are 6-8 different people sending a variety of tasks for me to evaluate.

The workload is not the issue. I like most of the tasks that I do. I don’t mind training, sharing information and helping people make sense of things. The problems lie where people try to pass off their responsibilities on to me or they will send me something that is supposedly due the next day and expect to get it back sooner. Wait? What? The reality and what shook me is that they really are oblivious to everything else going on and are not mindful of the heavy workload I carry, and I am not available just for them individually. They are very well aware of my situation. I am stretched thin.

There is critical information to be shared and they fail to share. The support is not reciprocated. The only emails I see is where someone will say, “Can you expedite this.” I’m out of the office the day they want it expedited. So, why wasn’t that information shared initially? That’s just scratching the surface of the issues with this department I support.

The boiling point – this is not the first time they have put me on the spot, and I have to vent, get if off my chest and let it go. In essence, I didn’t really get a day off. I am so frustrated; I am trying to shake it off.

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