Breakthrough – 5/31/2022

Recently I have been dealing with setbacks and getting flashbacks of previous scenarios that happened at work. It forces me to cling to the past. History repeats! It’s like I am still working with the same personalities and characteristics from the people that currently surround me. I’ve done a lot of work on myself. Healing my dreams, the stolen time of being passed up with promotions, but I continue no matter what.

I can’t continue with the should a’, could a’, would a’. I continue writing so that others can learn from my experience.

I am full of potential. My heart is healing. I am growing mental muscle and I continue to evolve. I began to think of why things come back to repeat themselves. I might not have learned the lesson, but I have to break the chain of this repetitive cycle. The repeat is in different form. Is this so that I can learn how to break the chain in the way I respond?

I changed my perspective and my emotional response to these life lessons. I picked up the pieces of my broken self (negativity attracted) and move forward. I finally stopped responding to things the same way I used to. I can’t beat myself up from how I responded in the past. I am totally aware now to resolve in positive manner and count my blessings. No longer am I going to be stuck in the same feelings of anger and frustration. I took the time to grieve and let go.

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