On A Personal Note – Episode 9.1 – Continued… – My Emotional Struggle May ’22 – Clarity

I am passionate when I journal here. I really hope that this project does take off for me. I have a fire inside and each time I am on here it inspires me and provides me a creative flow. I just started a few months ago and it brings me harmony and balance.

I try to write my thoughts on here first, but at times I don’t have the opportunity and I journal in my notebook. I thought about the prosperity this could bring me. It cuts through the negativity that I carry when I get off work.

After journaling I was fired up the night before (5/27/22) and I was ready to cut through the heartache and just get the work done. There was a radical change that night, my emotional intelligence was being tested by these conflicting individuals that don’t care about anyone else, but to win at any cost. I am resilient, they forced a lot on me, but I had to show my capability. I had to prove that I don’t shy away from pressure. I had put in a lot of energy and got nothing in return. I turned my pain into my strength. I had enough of feeling emotional and chose to keep pushing through, keep going, persevere. I am my own hero, got out of the pain mode. I spoke to myself that I have been here in this similar situation before. Knowing how to move forward is my superpower. I was too focused on my thoughts of defeat. I accepted the challenge, and I am loyal to myself. The question now is, do I move on, or should I stay? Is a new chapter in the works?

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