Unbelievable But Worth the Experience to The Next – Episode 5 – No Support Here…?

After not being offered a job – I quit. I was ready to move on and try to find another tribe and attempting to find the right fit for me. Fair and equitable pay was important at the time because I had to pay for school and I liked what I did for a living, so I chose to continue in the same path, same industry.

The Vice President came in the office after he heard there were two people leaving within thirty (30) days. He asked my manager what was going. Why the turnover occurring in our area so quickly. All that was said was the same thing occurred a couple years ago and it’s standard for the departments that the turnover occurs. The manager didn’t present the topic as an urgent matter, and it was nothing to worry about – there was no concern to look into. He, of course was in the middle of promotion and his boss would be reviewing his work and if he’s not in her good graces then, no promotion and no raise. He was there for him and his own agenda and nothing else, clearly. I left and moved on.

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