Starting Over – Episode 20- Now I Understand!

In early April 2022 I was given a raise after only four (4) months on the job. I was in total shock and appreciative for the unexpected raise. I certainly feel like it was deserved for the work I already put in. What I didn’t know was why.

Until I got the call and had the conversation of the interest in me offering me a job with another department. My manager must’ve heard somehow of the interest in me – potentially being offered a position and had to be sure that I was happy and would stay put. It was odd until the details came to me straight from the horse’s mouth. I did request to be considered for future positions and I am open to accepting a job with another department. I certainly appreciate the honesty and I accept all the good that has come in many ways even if it’s just verbal.

Things were certainly strange when I journaled back with the post I did, “Starting Over – Episode 10” and “On A Personal Note – I Feel Vindicated. “

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