On A Personal Note – Episode 8 – I Feel Vindicated!

What is going on?! On May 10th, 2022 – WOW! What have I done in my time on earth to deserve so many compliments? It’s surreal that someone will call me at work and express everything they have to say, and I literally fell off my chair! I was sitting down too. I felt like I had been vindicated of twenty (20) years in this business and I finally received the most amazing and wonderful compliments! YES! So many compliments in one conversation. It’s difficult to accept so many compliments when you have been knocked down so many times despite the hard work and determination to do the best you can and giving 150% of your energy with no acknowledgment, less pay.

I have had to gradually begin to say Thank You and not respond as if I don’t deserve to be recognized for my hard work. I was given a raise after only four months working for this new institution. The person told me I was exceptional and they contemplated offering me a new position despite me having been hired 3 months prior. There has already been many tests and I’ve had to prove myself and push through rough patches, but it has only made me stronger.

Why not?! Yes! I am generous with my time, effort, patience and dedicate the proper resources to each task without hesitation. I deserve recognition without feeling guilty and it’s time that I accept everything good. I no longer doubt my confidence and I no longer serve the people that hurt me. I left it all behind and wish them well. Despite giving every bit of me I got nothing in return, it was always self-serving for them.

I’m looking out for me and doing me from now on, gracefully. I AM AN EAGLE! With a bird’s eye-view and a LION AT HEART!

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