My Recent Ritual – Journaling – Amazing Guidance and Clarity!

There has been quite a bit of clarity for me listening to Miss Divinely Inspired! WOW! I have been seeking answers as to why I have had repeated experiences with almost the same circumstances and situations, same pattern of people behaviors with the same results. I do understand that the industry was the same, but different employers?! Everything that I have experienced was repetitive, but for a reason! I have been brought to my knees over and over and it’s like a dream, really, it’s been my unfortunate reality and I keep repeating it.

It clicked I began to journal, talk about my experience, start a blog. I’m looking into a podcast and creating the Wisdom in Business Affirmation Cards. From the hurt – inspire others and keep writing. I’ll make a difference, hopefully? This is a major opportunity for me. I have been knocked down so many times, but I persevere, I pick myself back up and push through. I am ready to re-write the repetitive experiences, given all the material of the personal experience to create something great and inspire the one’s left behind or that are going through what I already have. In the end I will be able to share, write, counsel and support. The point is that I don’t remember the names, but the experience is what I do remember. I don’t forget faces. I am putting a lot more time and mind into this. Here I go…!

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