My Recent Ritual – Journaling – Creating A New Beginning!

When do you know you no longer belong? I experienced a lot of difficulty; I wasn’t treated fairly. People, as usual, talk behind your back – I was taken from instead of balancing between give and take. I clearly saw it and learned lessons through the tough days, issues I dealt with, I gained knowledge and understood that it wasn’t worth the pain and hurt including betrayal that I was put through. Through these lessons I gained the wisdom I carry today. I see things from a higher perspective. The experiences were draining, but now I realized that it only made me stronger.

I feel like I can breathe now and letting go of the old, shedding the old skin and growing new. I am no longer hiding what I had to overcome because it’s been quite a bit. This is my way of releasing what has held me back for so long knowing I was the one in pain, stressed and overworked and no one cared. No one provided support and many of whom were afraid to step out with me and fight the fight to be righted over all the wrong that had been done unto us, not just me, but they were too afraid, no one would believe us.

I’m stepping forward with my truth. I am clear of what I want and what I need with courage and dreaming to reality!

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