My Recent Ritual – Journaling – Check – In

May 4, 2022 – I have been on a long journey of twenty (20) years. I have amassed so much knowledge in the industry, knowledge and most important learned what to do – what not to do. I have learned how to handle situations and I don’t get emotional like I used to. My emotional intelligence is important to me. I am important to me. I believe I have been through the worst. Things are making sense although it’s been slow, things are happening, slow and steady I believe in myself. I will do things right and I have learned to do them right through strength and experience.

I will no longer allow anything to keep me stuck. Things that I was used to doing the same way I am going to begin changing for example routines and thoughts. I want to be free and flexible, and I don’t think that this job or having a structured work experience has led me to anything of value. I have to focus on me and start something out of passion, not by necessity. I was not seeing clearly before. I want to end this cycle of being tired and doing the same thing. What is my life mission? I want to be in a much different place, happy and/or a position that makes me happy.

Love, ME

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