Starting Over – Episode 19 – She’s At It Again!

This week of May 2nd, 2022, this girl is at it again. I think she really likes to balance the sneaky energy and thrives on trying to make me look like I don’t know what I’m doing. She’s not giving up – continues to pick here and there to make me look bad then turn around and be nice to not show her real behavior and character. At this point there is no longer an option to seek her guidance. This is really odd that she knows nothing of me or my experience and wants to take me up on a challenge at each turn! WOW!

I let my work speak for itself and she must think things come easy to me, but in reality, I feel like a duck, smooth on the surface and paddling crazily underneath trying to figure things out on my own. I might make it look easy, but it’s been difficult because in addition to the work I do she has not made it easy for me by throwing me a bone and calling it training. I have faith that things will work out in my favor.

To my understanding I’m in charge of a block of projects, handed to me down from her. I feel I’m swimming against a current working with her. She will go around me and complete tasks with no regard that these projects are my responsibility and my decision on how I move forward and actions I take. Instead of asking me she will proceed without regard that I might be working on researching to resolve situations and she takes it upon herself to take action and approve vouchers that I otherwise not have approved at this time until I am confident and have evidence of the facts. There are tasks she never even took action on that have surfaced and will not respond that I have to ask. Of course, will wait until I have started any type of movement and will jump in after I have already begun my research and I will end up duplicating work. I feel like I’ve been in a repetitive cycle. “I am the lucky one that works with this type of person. ” (sarcasm)

It’s going to take a lot of will power for me not to go off. I rather not be nasty, but it’s beginning to boil.

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