Starting Over – Episode 18 – Putting My Best Effort Forward – No Matter the Obstacle!

April 23rd – April 28th, 2022 – Should I walk away from my job? I’m about to take a journey into contemplating quitting. Should I continue to show up because it’s not as bad as what I’ve endured in the past? Or should I not allow people to play games any longer I’m older and don’t have time for this. This person instead of guiding me – not asking for the answers either – gives me information for me to guess and won’t answer any other questions. Once I have figured things out on my own, she will offer to assist. The vibe I get from her is like the saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer!” but she doesn’t know me or know anything about me to treat me that way?! It’s a game to her and I haven’t been able to pin-point the issue of why!

She hadn’t completed or worked on a project for almost ten months, and it was passed over to me and now she asks if I need help. How comfortable do I feel asking her for guidance!? Again!?

I did complete the report on my own, but the second report in asking for guidance was a huge mistake. She attempted to make me look bad, but it backfired on her because others do see my effort and I do, genuinely like to build working relationships. There is no point in competing when you’re on the same team and I talk to people to both provide and accept guidance. Great…here we go again, another one!

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