On A Personal Note – Episode 7 – Was This the Right Move?

This month through April 22nd, 2022. Things have changed, it’s not what I expected. Unfortunately, there are people that are petty and/or like to play games that I work with. It’s a struggle just to get the proper information. It’s a hot mess. The indirect, “screw you I’m not training you attitude – less show you anything.” “It’s not my job.” You can’t ask a question because you get silence. It’s like pulling teeth! People won’t answer your emails just to give you a sense of what the process is or timeline.

People have long tenures here and it doesn’t really seem like they learned anything, but a new system was implemented, and they fell behind. They are clueless or they weren’t trained properly. Either way they show no effort to learn or to try to understand why things were done the way they were and correct them. Most of the time I hear, “well I was told to do it this because it’s been done this way. ” Oh my gosh!! No one questions and works from facts/evidence.

It’s insane. Once I get through this massive report after April 30th, it’s decision time for me, whether I stay or go. Is it really worth staying? Time to contemplate…

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