Starting Over – Episode 17 – Going Back Ten Years!

What a week! Feb 24th, 2022. I have been working longer hours to keep up with what is requested of me. There are some tasks that take longer because of the number of financial transactions of many months for review. The department I support attempted to throw me under the bus without knowing me or asking me directly the status of their request. Some people just like to start a hot mess. They don’t think of the consequences or stay in their lane, don’t check themselves, but are the first to assume that others are not doing their part of tasks. If it doesn’t affect them, they won’t assist, if it does and they don’t agree they find something to complain about.

A list of requested financial information was sent to my boss and came to me. I always try to keep notes of why I did certain things and try to stay well organized. There is always someone who will go straight to the top and complain but won’t take the time to call and ask the question that might take a couple minutes. Title and rank is important to them. I responded with facts and evidence. It quickly showed the responsibility fell back to them and their area of canceling requests, not sending their request and had no record of them an/or their request has already been completed.

I’ve been in the game for a while and if this was five years ago I would’ve responded defensively. Now, today? With no question, doesn’t bother me, but I feel like I went back ten years starting this job that I’ve been in since November 2021.

I did have support from my boss and people around me, although hesitant to do so initially, until I proved my work and showed that I have been working and completing what is expected of me.

I have never heard from Peter before. This person should fix the cracks on his wall before walking into someone else’s. What a hectic week!

I’m still “up in the air” about whether I want to stay?!

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