On A Personal Note – Episode 6 – A Thought Came to Mind

I was journaling today, 2/2022 and I thought What is SUCCESS?

We think success is work related, a 9-5pm job and then scaling up the ladder and making money.

Success, I think is having a family and is thriving together and happy. A burning sensation of a thought or idea – something you wake up to with the desire to continue working on. Building a foundation with passion and creativity – to get it out for everyone to see. It’s not inherited – not handed to you. It’s not overnight, but a continuous, daily thing of wanting to craft. Build from scratch, watching your idea come to fruition. The perseverance, determination and consistent elements being brough together to please or create something wanted or needed.

A passion, not related to material, that makes you happy waking up each day and knowing that energy and fire will not burn out.

I wake up each day and continue to work on my passion. My success depends on it.

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