In the Beginning – Episode 3 -Not Worth My Time

I returned once again and attempt to work with the same employer that I started my career, gave me my first official job as a receptionist. I was hired as an Accountant, and I was excited because I was going to see a lot of old faces and maybe pick up where I left off.

The staff were very pleasant and maybe help here and there? They didn’t seem to be too excited it’s as if they were quietly warning me with their eyes. Of course, I didn’t know any better. The manager never took the time to train me or provide guidance. She was passive aggressive. Suddenly the Accountant quit after six years in the same position with little raise and no praise. The manager was so upset and was angered that the young lady and I befriended each other. That was the beginning of my demise.

I was offered the young lady’s position shortly after her departure and I gladly took it took it with no formal, less informal training. I was left on my own, felt trapped and was suffocating. While the manager flaunted how much she knew, she never shared any of it. It hurt me in the short time I was in the position and asked to go back to the initial position I was hired to do. Undenounced to me I was still doing the same position with less pay. The manager got what she wanted, and I quit. She cut my pay without notice and I was working a lot. I was glad when I left and left it all behind. She was good at gossiping, but not working.

I learned quite a bit looking back and don’t think of her at all. A few years later the manager texted me and asked how my family and I were doing. No response, silence was key because my response to her would’ve been ugly, and I didn’t want to ruin my day. She was ultimately forced out of her job and retired. I hope she understands one day her actions hurt people.

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