On A Personal Note – A Cheating Scandal

With my heart in pieces, I have to let go of what a very close person in my life accepts. After a cheating scandal – the issue is not the cheating part, it’s with what happened beyond the affair?! It’s horrifying to think that I could accept and sleep next to the person I thought I knew! It just seems like you sleep with the enemy.

I am at peace, and I refuse to sit in front or share anything with this person ever again. After so many years of watching and listening to the small things it drains you and hurts that it happened so near to me. I’m blown away that this person gets a second chance. After working and doing everything you can to move forward…working hard, making a dollar stretch to meet the monthly bills now there’s something more to have to deal with. It’s a lot to deal with just to write about it.

It took me years to align myself with good energy and be in a good spot to forgive and raise my vibration and this person is gently going to destroy that if I allow myself to confront. Relationships will fall apart. One person can destroy a whole family and generation. Will this person do it again? Things will continue to crumble amongst us and there is nothing that anyone can do. It’s incredible that one person can destroy it all and the victim doesn’t even see it.

This person continues to bully and play with people’s minds. I know this person close to me will come out of it. I pray it happens, but I just don’t think it will happen soon.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

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