Starting Over – Episode 16 – Tedious Work?

My supervisor came up with an idea of what her team would begin doing to be able to organize and keep track of tasks and she would be able to view and know what we’re working on. This is what works best for her. What works for her is to create another document to help her keep track of our tasks. With so many outlook resources like OneNote and task lists, reminder flags and comments to task list including the ability to assign tasks to someone and update; why would we need another document?

Is it to have some sort of control or to really help? Do we really need another manual task? I complete a work from home log which I get why in case the public has any interest, but no one else looks at it and it’s only filed away. We don’t have any additional time. Work is so busy most days and trying to make sense of what people email can take days at times. There is so much to do that adding something that is not useful as a team is not useful at all.

If I have ideas they go ignored, then why ask if no thought will be given. I am ready to throw in the towel on early March 2022. I continue to lose interest and they will not be able to keep quality people if she decides on pursuing this. I feel I’m going in circles.

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