Starting Over – Episode 14.1 – The Clown is Back!

From Episode 14 – On Thursday, Feb 10th, 2022, she again emailed if I was going to complete an additional task on the list. Wait! What? How do I do that – I had no clue. She was rude and I was scrambling to get it together and figure out what all I should do. Such a petty person. She was like a child at the playground telling the higher ups on me on how I am not following instructions. Instead of helping she was trying to make me look bad. She reminded me that these types of tasks were supposed to be taken care of by noon, not 3pm. But how was I supposed to know?

How easy it is to judge and assume when they don’t walk in your shoes. If I were her, I would’ve gotten up and walked over and asked if the person needed help due to the deadline. I’m glad I’m not her.

On Friday, Feb 11th, 2022, for the third time she blew up! They are things that are not urgent. I ignored it because I was busy. My boss stood up for me, shut her up. She made it a point to ignore my email and respond to the big boss. Wow! What a week. And in addition, when I submit items in advance, I don’t hear anything. I don’t get the same courtesy back that I put out. She’s passive-aggressive and it’s so difficult to work with or for someone like this because you don’t know what mood is in effect.

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