Starting Over – Episode 15 – Weird Day Today

Something was off today?! April 5th, 2022. We were all back in the office today as a team for the first time since I started as new hire from November 29th, 2021.

The manager asked everyone to come in as a team one day a week. It was so strange. Despite that I met everyone back in November people passed by my cubicle and would only glance from the corner of their eye and keep walking. Someone said hi and the other “hey”. I’m just going to take it as no one wanted to get back to their normal routine. How awkward. I kept thinking to myself if this is normal? They are not looking forward to the day, bad energy feeling, or just didn’t want to be there?

Very odd indeed. No one talked and it’s as if the section was empty. In my past position it was noisy, lots of distractions, people running back and forth, events happening and a lot more collaboration. I am a very connected person, very face to face and relationship builder.

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