Had Enough – Prepared Me for Trusting the Unknown – Episode 5 – Tied to Work

I left this employer and in my past for this reason…and today (2/9/2022) I got a call from a person that I was close to while I worked at this organization.

The call was regarding the changes occurring and each time I have a conversation with her it reminds me the reason why I left and not look back. This administrator runs staff to the ground and tries to squeeze every ounce of energy and effort for little pay. Of course, this person makes it seem to the external all is okay and runs the ship well, right… This is the fourth person to leave in less than a year. The manager thinks everything done and changes made are okay and no one else’s opinion matters, but makes you think otherwise. Tells you what you want to hear and does the same to the other party. In this person’s mind they believe that they are the best and care because they listen when they really didn’t because they do the opposite. The type of person that in public will say “oh I’ll help”. The raises come for this one person, but there is no money for everyone else, 80% of the work is done by 20% of the staff. We all knew who worked and who didn’t.

They cannot keep quality employees. The manager thinks no one can manipulate or beat him at the games he plays. I didn’t because I know I’ll be treated better elsewhere. Not worth the energy. I kept being promised a raise and it never came. I was given more work to do two years straight, stretched thin and with no training and no raise. I was asked for my opinion just to be told this was not the proper platform. Why!? Staff contribute and are part of the expert’s data they put out and we support them in their endeavors and success. We work hand-in-hand with them, and we collaborate with them, and their ideas and decisions made. Why can’t we be in the same meeting with them so that we all hear the same message at the same time? We all received different messages, we couldn’t be part of the expert meetings and most times information was important for us to hear. We got paid pennies compared to the expert’s and our work near just as busy and complex as theirs for staff. In the end the staff were told that the decision was made of no title or raise changes at the moment. I saw the writing on the wall, but I was already gone by the time I heard of the decision.

Photo by Mahdi Bafande on Pexels.com

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