Starting Over – Episode 14 – The Clown

My patience has been tested this week, especially today, Feb 9th, 2022. I do not need another cycle to begin that I have already endured in the past. I refuse to flock with pigeons. I am an EAGLE. I am not like them trying to fill themselves with drama. I am no longer accepting being tested. If this person feels they can get a fill from me because they think of themselves that low to try and teach me something – then she doesn’t know me well. I ignore the ignorant.

I still get half-ass information and not get the complete picture. It’s laughable that you still see grown adults act like children at the playground.

As the “new” person you would think they would be nice enough to tell you – hey let me send you the instructions as a guide, of course not. This is exactly how I was told verbatim, “this is not the way these are processed, but if you are unsure, see the instructions.” And she copied the director, manager, supervisor. It’s been over 10 years that I have been addressed like that, in a childish manner. I call these people, “tattle tales”.

In my view, some have not learned anything in life and are stubborn. If you want to keep someone away that’s how you do it and I certainly have. SMH!

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