On a Personal Note – The Scandal that began this topic

I wanted to begin writing about my personal life as well because I have seen and been through a lot in both personal and professional. I wasn’t sure where to begin because there is so much that I have journaled. I was at peace and on track until Jan 27th, 2022.

Until today January 28, 2022 – the text that changed the direction of my day and thereafter; just turned me upside down despite that it wasn’t about me but felt as if I was also punched in the gut too. This truly feels like a soap opera, and the turning point that confirmed that I want to begin writing about personal thoughts.

That urgent message really made me laugh and thought it was a joke. It seemed surreal and made me question, “This doesn’t happen to us?”

In essence, this is what led me to begin writing on a personal level as well.

You never stop knowing someone. Now what? What do you do?

Photo by Soulful Pizza on Pexels.com

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