Starting Over – Episode 9 – Why me?

This week was strange. It’s as if I get just enough information to go on, but not anymore unless I ask? There is one thing for sure about me is that I keep going and not give up. Giving up is not in my nature.

I wish all these feelings that I have would go away of why me? Why do I get treated as if I don’t deserve the same treatment as others in regard to information and/or training? The same feeling has come back because something else happens that brings up the same feeling.

At times I feel left out. If I don’t address something verbally, I don’t hear from anyone. I’m trying to stay positive. The trust isn’t there – I’m trying to collaborate and learn at the same time. My supervisor did support me on Friday 1/15/2022. I appreciate her and her support once I sent an email, I guess I have to document for her to respond in a timely fashion.

Hopefully this will become a common occurrence. Not sure how to feel about her.

To be continued…

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