Starting Over – Episode 12 – What To Do?

This was a good week for me, except having to complete the log which is pretty much track the duties I complete at home. I work 3 – 2 days at the office. I had a feeling of peace within me. I was at peace for some reason until Thursday.

I don’t feel like I belong even though I try. They are not meant for me. I shouldn’t be flocking with pigeons. I should start a different path and what I am truly meant to do. This might be part of the missing puzzle piece for me.

The new person made a comment to me that our supervisor seems like she’s not okay with us talking. I was shocked and confused. I’m trying to maintain high vibration. She’s not organized and easily forgets the conversations we’ve had. Doesn’t seem a bad person, maybe she doesn’t know me well yet. She’s by the book so I’m okay with that. I do notice we need some organization. These files are all over the place.

I have a feeling like I’m going to be starting over and getting organized on my own. Good thing I’m literally an expert at that. My administrative assistant skills will come in handy.

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