Had Enough – Prepared Me for the Unknown – Episode 5 – Why Hire Me?

Why hire me if you don’t trust me? Why hire me if you are not going to support me to be successful in the position you hired me to do? Why hire me if you are not going to share your knowledge? I even asked during the interview, “how will you be sure that this person is successful in this position?” It’s laughable now at the response I got at that time. “Your supervisor will do one-on-one training.”

Of course, I wasn’t trained. I was given a stack of half-written emails and outdated training material to look at and figure out on my own. There were details not shared that affected my job and I don’t understand why they were shared after I had to go through so much to figure something out!? This person is evil and should not have anyone working under her. I have never known why she didn’t want to see anyone succeed. Never took the time to know anyone.

For those who know me I don’t give up. I might struggle, but I have always come out on top, thank God. I have survived and had to learn from a young age. I will never forget what this person did to me because it was awful, but I choose to forgive and let the Universe take care of that situation.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

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