Not the End- Change of Plans! My Worst Nightmare of Job – Episode 4 – Emotional Roller Coaster!

Day 2 – On day two that I started with this particular employer I was given a training for a system that I always thought was good, but not really. I guess it has to do with what the employer pays for and how they really use it.

The training was very straight forward, but no hands-on training to feel comfortable or real “live” examples to be completed so that we could get some sort of idea and feel comfortable with it.

Once we completed the three-hour verbal training with the manager, we were both waiting for the elevator; it came. I was told not to listen to gossip or what others say of her. I should form my own opinion of things based on what I see. If I heard comments of her, I should not believe them. In shock, I turned to the manager, and I was in disbelief and only agreed with her! I was also told to just come in and do my job and go home.

You see, there is an issue with this part of doing your job and going home. You spend most of your time with the same people each week. How could you not communicate, share and interact including socialize with your co-workers?

I was starting to come to the conclusion pretty quick this place was not for me. I was given the wrong map of where to park and the comments about the manager day by day were coming from different people. WOW!

I was so exhausted getting home that night and I didn’t even work on anything. It was certainly an emotional and felt like I went on a roll coaster ride.

Just wait, it gets better…(sarcasm).


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