Starting Over – Episode 8 – The Small Steps Count!

These last couple business days I have felt victorious…I can’t wait to continue working through hurdles on my own and owning my power again! I should write more often.

I had an amazing day on January 10th, 2022. I didn’t even know my findings were going to affect three people and accomplish so much. I had a big splash of confidence, but I have to keep it on the downlow because I don’t like to boast. It’s those small victories that keep your drive high.

I can’t believe I was asked to train someone on the less than couple months on the job. I gladly did it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I was tested on whether I know my stuff or not.

Exciting couple business days and looking forward to doing lots of interesting things and staying busy. This is definitely a lot better than what I have had in the past and better attitudes of like-minded people.

Feeling good. I’m having a feeling I’m making radical changes and surprising many.

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