Starting Over – Episode 7 – Good Vibes Only!

This year at work has brought challenges. This lady that is supposed to train me on a particular task is not committing. I wonder why? She will only share the basics, won’t elaborate on information, but I do find out later the missing piece was given to me by another colleague, no training, she doesn’t want to share. She’s trying to be difficult with me and I don’t even know why. She doesn’t know me, but she’s showing a side of herself that is not necessary. Whatever issue the supervisors had with her is their deal. There’s something about her that I don’t trust, but yet again there is always someone who always likes to start some sort of mess as if there already isn’t enough going on, but why with me?

She was quick to ask me to train her on something so small, but she hasn’t played “team” with me. I guess the word team is not in her vocabulary. I’m not uncomfortable, just wondering why the difficult behavior? It’s beginning to feel uncomfortable talking to her.

Today was quiet. I felt victorious because I was “approved” a couple times and I’m beginning to feel comfortable doing the tasks that are being requested of me.

Feels good!

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